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be the person you want to be


StickGenie is inspired by the stick person in Bob Proctors' teachings, added:
Make up your mind.
The jewelry represents the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. And it has the inscription “make up your mind” that has many different meanings depending on the perception of the owner and the viewer


Choose your favorite metal
14-carat gold or rose gold, gold plated, gold or rose gold or silver.


Choose your Zirconia color story! Your choice matter in your everyday life. the Zirconia colors tell your inner story and desires. Choose red to maximize energy, white for independence, pink for empathy, blue for tranquility, and yellow for ambition and communication.

Our selection

Custom-made Your choice of ZIRCONIA

Bob Proctor’s Stickperson and the Genie from Aladdin’s lamp with the text “Make up your mind.”

StickGenie reminds you

To be the person you want to be


Our quality cubic zirconia selection

Red:  This is love, passion, and action to the world. Stands for getting things done – It is the most active color.

White: This is energizing, balanced, and optimistic. Self-doers. Independent energy.

Yellow: This is a lively, vital, cheerful, ambitious, curious, spontaneous, and communicative color.

Blue: This is love, tenderness, and affection, you like peace and serenity.

Pink: This is gentle and loving, understanding, and empathizing.


 Make up your mind to match your goal.

Let your Stick Genie keep you focused on your path to success!

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